CRL - Conductive Coating Detector



ยี่ห้อ: CRL

รหัส: CD1

รุ่น: CRL Conductive Coating Detector




The CRL CD1 Low-E Detector provides positive identification of the coated side of glass upon direct contact with the glass surface. This tool will prove itself invaluable to insulating glass fabricators who need to verify coatings and assure correct assembly procedures using low-E glass. With edge stops designed into the housing, there is less chance of accidental scratching in the center viewing area. Window fabricators and quality control departments can verify that no low-E surface is inadvertently exposed. It is not much larger than a package of chewing gum, the CD1 will easily fit into your shirt pocket or cutter pouch.



  • Red Indicator Lights Up On Contact with Low-E
  • Edge Stop Restricts Use to Edge of Glass, Prevents Scratching
  • Small Enough to Fit in Your Shirt Pocket



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