Digital Pen Type Dissolved Oxygen Meter Water Quality DO Tester Dissolved Oxygen

Product description

Residual current: not more than 0.15mg/L

Response time: no more than 30s (90% response at 20°C)

Automatic temperature compensation range: (0 ~ 40) °C

Measuring range:

1. Dissolved oxygen: (0.0~20.0)mg/L

2. Temperature: (0 ~ 40) °C

Basic error:

1. Dissolved oxygen: ±0.3mg/L

2. Temperature: ±1°C


Automatic temperature compensation, fast response time

Portable, easy to carry

With our factory dissolved oxygen electrode (polarized film type)

Power supply: 1.5V button battery (4)

Dimensions (mm): 40*185 (without electrodes)

Instrument keyboard description:

Key Function

(switch) power on and off.

CAL calibration key (long press 5 seconds to enter the calibration interface)

HOLD lock/hold key, Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature conversion key.

This dissolved oxygen analyzer (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is mainly designed to facilitate the user to carry on-site operation. The instrument can be divided into two parts: sensor and electronic unit. The sensor uses a polarographic film-type dissolved oxygen electrode. The electronic unit is composed of high integrated circuits. The instrument uses a dot-matrix liquid crystal display to display dissolved oxygen values and temperatures.

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