1231 In-Situ Oxygen Probes

The Novatech 1231 and 1232 Oxygen probes incorporate the world’s most rugged zirconia sensors. They are ideal for:
• Flue gas analysis
• Oxygen levels in boilers, kilns and furnaces
• Combustibles analysis
• Carbon potential measurement
• Water vapour concentration and dew point measurement
• Inert and sterile packaging
• General industrial use
• Annealing furnaces
The Novatech 1231 and 1232 Oxygen Probes are Australian-made and embody the research and development of one of Australia’s premier research organisations, the CSIRO. The Novatech 1231 and 1232 probes are highly accurate, and have minimal drift (±1%). The Novatech in-situ probes are highly durable; choose the Novatech 1231 for analysing gases with temperatures below 900ºC (1650ºF) and the Novatech 1232 for temperatures ranging between 700°C and 1400°C (1290ºF to 2550ºF).
The Novatech 1231 and 1232 probes have a very rapid response to changes in Oxygen levels
With a response time of less than 4 seconds, potentially hazardous situations such as those caused through the build-up of dangerous fuel-rich conditions can be avoided.
The Novatech 1231 and 1232 probes are easy to install
The probes are inserted into the flue, or other measuring point, and the threaded nipple (1231 has 1.5“ BSPT/NPT; 1232 has 3/4” BSPT/NPT) is screwed on to a mating socket welded to the process.
Connect the probe cable to the transmitter, and you are ready to measure and/or control the combustion process.
Sample Chamber for abrasive or corrosive processes
Certain processes, such as glass furnaces, ceramic furnaces or incinerators may contain highly corrosive particulate, abrasive or hostile compounds that will destroy any in-situ measuring device in short time.  By using a simple and expensive sample tube to extract a gas sample into a secondary sample chamber, accurate oxygen measurement can be achieved while reducing the exposure of the oxygen probe to the process environment.
For more information on our sample chamber, refer to the sample chamber data sheet
Novatech offers you safety of operation
The Novatech 1732 Oxygen Transmitter provides a main burner safety interlock. This is the ONLY reliable way of preventing potentially explosive situations.
Should the main burner fail or shut down then the sensor’s heater is de-energised so that dangerous flue gases cannot be ignited by the probe.
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